Hello there, and welcome to Cardinal Creations! Sometimes it's fun to know a bit about the artist, so here are a few words about me until we get a chance to meet out and about ;)

I was born in California, grew up in Kingston, MA, and am now blessed to live on Cape Cod with my wonderful husband and our six awesome kids, doing what I love anytime I want (well...almost)! If you look very closely at most of my artwork, you will find symbolism of each of the kids plus my husband and myself, but it isn't always obvious! We have a very supportive family who live close by, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. People often ask me how Cardinal Creations came to be, and if there is a story behind the name. Isn't there always?!

When I started the art in 2010, we had just had our last baby boy, and our five youngest children were all ages five and under. I needed to do something I loved, but with flexible hours so I could continue to stay home and raise our little ones. Creating art was perfect, though those early days were a bit of a blur, staying up most nights while tiny people slept! It all worked out great though, and I'd often get a team of little artists working alongside me during the day, preparing whatever masterpieces they'd be selling at the craft show that weekend ;)

I had prayed for a blessing on my business, and needed a name with meaning that would remind me of what a gift it is to do something you love for work! My mother had always seen cardinal birds as an encouraging sign from God, and I had grown to love them as well. Cardinals mate for life, are known for singing year-round, and along with being a gorgeous shade of red (my favorite color), they proved to be just the blessing I was hoping to borrow for my new business...Cardinal Creations was born!

My favorite part of selling art is the connection I feel when a customer gets excited about one of my pieces. It's such an honor to create pictures for people who share the same passions, and I hope I am able to continue for years to come!